Real Women "Model Call" Open Until 2/16/19

Feel like a model for a day! Alexi Hubbell Photography is looking for women of any age and size for a fun, indoor boudoir photo session at our studio in Durango!

Only $120!

No professional or aspiring models needed! We want regular women to take advantage of this offer, get pampered, share in our body-positive outlook, and feel like a queen! 

We will be scheduling a 45-minute photo session with professional hair and makeup.  This is a limited offer for a handful of lucky women! Feel free to share this information with anyone you think that would be interested.


  • Women aged 21-105 who are feeling courageous to do something new and ready to feel empowered!

  • Willing to sign a model release for the images to be used for marketing purposes - print and online.

  • Ability to attend a photo shoot for up tp 3 hours during a WEEKDAY.

  • Ability to return the next week to review the images to choose the images you want.

  • Ability to pay for products they want through full payment at service date or a payment plan.

What you will get:

  • Waived session fee ($200)

  • 2 digital files! We NEVER give these away, so today is your lucky day!

  • A fun and relaxed environment of pampering while we capture great images.

  • You’ll be given direction on posing so that you get the most flattering images.

  • $130 print credit, to apply towards your photo purchase of $650 or more, or 20% off your total purchase, whichever is greater.

  • $50 off a future session of your choice.

  • Professional hair and makeup

  • Access to studio wardrobe

  • Private viewing and ordering session with Alexi

Over 60% off of the session fee: normally $300, now only $120 with a signed model release!

In exchange for all these goodies, you will need to sign a model release and be OK with your images tastefully being shared.

Payment plans and pre-payment plans are available on products and prints. Fill out the form below if you would like to be set up on one and review our payment options here

Please add the session to your cart below and fill out the form when prompted. Alexi will be in touch shortly to plan your session!

Model Call Empowerment Session
120.00 300.00
  • 45 minute session

  • Wardrobe Selection

  • Professional Hair and makeup

  • In-person Ordering Session

  • $130 Print credit to put toward any of our products over $650 or 20% off your order total, which ever is greater.

  • Dates left are listed in the checkout process

  • 2 Free digital files with no obligation to order any more photos!

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Wait! If you would like to prepay for one of our awesome product packages and save EVEN MORE, add it to your cart before you go!

You will still be able to view and pick out the images you would like printed with these products at your ordering session after your photo shoot! These prices are only valid for prepaying clients that order now. You may also order products a la carte at your ordering session. Discounts(20% off) will be applied to regular retail prices only at your ordering session.

Empowerment Collection
1,296.00 1,620.00

For the woman that can narrow it down and gets it done!

  • 10x10 Fine Art Italian leather, velvet or suede album. 20 pages. 15-20 images.

  • 16x24" Deluxe metal wall art

$1400 (at booking) OR

$1620 (at ordering appointment or payment plan)

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Confidence Collection
920.00 1,150.00

For the woman that needs a little boost!

  • 8x8" Fine Art Italian leather, velvet or suede album. 20 pages. 15-20 images.

  • Retro Viewer and 1 image reel

$1000 (at booking) OR

$1150 (at ordering session or payment plan)

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Fem Deluxe Collection
2,990.00 3,795.00

For the woman that wants to all and isn't afraid to get it!

  • 12x12", Fine Art Italian Leather, velvet or suede Album with our signature Crystal image cover. 20 thick pages. Gold or black page gilding.

  • ALL edited images on our signature Crystal USB Box Set with full printing rights.

  • 16x24" Deluxe metal wall art

  • 5x7" Tabletop metal wall art

$3100 (at booking) OR

$3795 (at image ordering appointment or payment plan)

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Roller Girl: Durango Boudoir Photography Studio

I have been itching to shoot a 1970’s themed session for a very long time. If you were to enter my home or studio you may find that I have an affinity for all things vinyl and velvet.

The lovely Miss Flowers was kind enough to grace my studio with all her roller girl glory and made all my dreams come true!

My inspiration for this series was the film Boogie Nights, Studio 54 in its heyday, and this babe’s cotton candy hair. I wanted a grainy old school film look to push the theme of the shoot more towards reality with an emphasis on pink and orange hues.


Goodbye to That 20-Something Me

Recently, I quietly made my 30th trip around the sun. There was a time I would have spared no expense on a self-indulgent party - costumes required to get the kegs flowing. Now, before you go thinking this is a story on how I have mellowed out or no longer need a good excuse to get in full costume contest mode, I assure you this blog is about something entirely different. I am a Leo, after all.  I will never outgrow throwing a bitchin' costume party.

But this year I had a rather sleepy 30th birthday. No "Dirty Thirty" shenanigans ensued. I spent the morning dealing with health issues and meeting with my real estate lawyer to go over contracts. I then had a mellow lunch with my mother and boyfriend, followed by a window shopping trip at Home Depot. I know it sounds pretty epic, huh? The truth is that this year, I was so content with how everything in my life was going, the fact that I was turning thirty made little impact on me. I didn't feel anxious, overwhelmed, overly-excited, or any of those other feelings one gets with a milestone year. When I sat back and thought about my rather restful and somewhat lame thirtieth orbit, I began to realize just how much certain things have changed in my life.

The most important and obvious change I discovered during my reflection was that my confidence and self-love has skyrocketed. I realized that I had spent the better part of my late teens and early to mid-twenties worrying about how I looked and if I was good enough. Was I attractive enough? Skinny enough? Curvy enough? Was I smart enough? Was I employable? 

Turns out I had spent the better part of 10 to 15 years worrying. With that much worry, it's a wonder I don't look 60 right about now. 

It was like I was constantly trying to prove something. I thought I was trying to prove these things to other people but I discovered I was actually trying to prove it to myself. I only worried about those things because I thought I had to. Society told me I needed to care. It turns out that I didn't.  So one day I asked myself, "if your opinion is the only one that matters, why can't you just change your standards that you hold yourself to?"

So I did.

I began to let myself know it was OK that I didn't lose weight like some women did.

I have health issues that can't be fixed, only managed, and I can deal with that.

I started wearing clothes that made me feel happy and sexy. Not for anyone else.

I started eating what I wanted to eat and nourished my body with quality food. 

I stopped having panic attacks in the fitting room

I started my own successful photography business and quit my office job.

I started photographing women of all body types and bringing them joy and confidence.

I did all of that and so much more. Me, myself, and I. I proved to the only person who's opinion I cared about that I had the right stuff; that I was worthy of love and acceptance. Today I am able to proudly say that I am a body-positive, confident, independent, empowered, and intelligent woman!

Photo: Rachel Landreth, Goddess and BFF

Photo: Rachel Landreth, Goddess and BFF

I worked my ass off (figuratively as you can see) to become a better version of that girl who used to look in the mirror and list the things that needed fixing. The thing that REALLY needed fixing was my soul and it is on the mend. This will be a life-long journey toward self-love and in another thirty years from now, I know I will have discovered so much more about myself and the powers I possess.  

I wish you all the power to find yourself, to love yourself with all your heart, and accept that you are perfect!

Bridal Adventure Sessions

"Why did you decide to get married in Colorado?, I ask every one of my brides. They all respond with variations of the same thing, “We came for the mountains. We came for the adventure. Southwest Colorado has so much to offer. You are never far from the mountians or the desert”.

That got me to thinking about all our adventurous brides and creating an ever more breathtaking experience for them. When couples come to Durango to get hitched they often plan many adventurous events and activities the week of the wedding to truly experience all our area has to offer. I wanted to create a completely unique experience for our brides.

That’s why we are now offering Adventure Bridal Sessions!


These specially-priced packages are available to Alexi Hubbell Photography wedding clients.

Hows It All Work?

  • You may select between editorial/fashion/documentary style, full-on boudoir/fine art nude, or both!

  • Packages are available to all current/new AHP wedding clients

  • Your package total can be added to your wedding package and can be paid off in the same way as your wedding package

  • You can choose to have a separate invoice and payment plan if this is a surprise for your partner

  • You can choose to pay for your package in-full or make payments (with a $150 down payment) up until 30 days of the wedding

  • Images become available after the package has been paid in full

  • If you are a bride getting married out of the Durango area and you have hired us to travel, we can plan your session for your wedding day, wherever we may be.

When Should I Schedule My Adventure Session?

  • You may schedule your session anytime before the wedding and up to 2 weeks after

  • Products are available 2 weeks after you pick your images

  • You may schedule a session when you are in the area for the planning stages of the wedding (same for engagement photos and it helps us get to know each other)

  • If you live in the area you may have more options for scheduling than destination brides

  • You may also schedule your session for the week of the wedding or day-of (see packages for day-of options)

  • Week-of and day-of products and images are available after the wedding. Day-of sessions are only offered indoor unless your venue or getting ready area has a space for us to shoot at outside.

What Should I Wear?

  • Whatever you desire

  • Dreamy things

  • Bridal accessories/wardrobe like hair pieces, vales, garters, bridal intimate, and even the gown.

  • Another fabulous gown

  • Hiking boots/athletic shoes and flip flops for our small treks

  • Sunscreen and Sunglasses

  • Overclothes that are appropriate to the season and our crazy Colorado weather


Bridal Adventure Session Packages

bridal adventure packages.jpg


Add-ons and upgrades such as additional locations, all day shoots in harder to get to areas, additional images and book pages, Fine Art Italian leather albums, and Retro Viewfinders are available.

Let's get started planning your Durango bridal dream session!

Fill out the form below!

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