Boudoir FAQ's

I don't own a lot of "sexy" things. What should I bring to a session?

If we come to your home for a session we will help you find what works best by picking through your closet. Most women think they don't own much that we can use but with a bit of creativity we can create totally unique looks for you. We recommend that you treat yourself a little beforehand by going out and getting yourself a few pieces that make you feel amazing. This is a whole experience, after all. And lastly, we offer a variety of wardrobe pieces at our studio to help style you for your shoot. We have some truly fun and fabulous pieces in all sizes and our collection is always growing. Check out our Pinterest board for ideas!

Can I bring someone to the session and/or ordering appointment? 

We do not allow guests to come to a session or ordering appointment for a number of reasons. Over the years we have come to understand what works and what doesn't. Boudoir is an intimate experience and we want to give you full one-on-one attention. Being watched by a friend or partner could cause nerves to be higher. We shoot in small, intimate spaces where there isn't much room for observation. Additionally, ordering appointments are also intimate experiences. Looking at your images in a safe, private setting is key. You should be the only person deciding or having input into what images you enjoy and think you look the best in - this session is for you, above all. 

All of that being said, we do offer couples sessions for the both of you to get intimate together and explore your relationship in a safe space. Please inquire for more info. 

How much should I expect to spend? 

The total expense to Alexi Hubbell Photography before the session date is $210 plus sales tax. This is the session fee and does not include prints and digitals. The day of the session you will pay the hair and makeup artist $100. 1-2 weeks after your session, you will return for your viewing and ordering appointment (reveal). At this time you will decide what images you wish to buy and in what form., i.e., metal, canvas, matted prints in box, album, etc. At the ordering appointment clients spend between $650-$3,000, on average.  View our sample pricing list here.

Do you offer payment plans? 

Yes, we offer payment plans on orders of $900 or more.  The session fee ($210) is not included in this total and must be paid upfront to reserve your date. Payment plans may be for any duration, up to 3 months for $900 orders or above and 6 months for $1,500 orders or above.  A payment agreement must be signed at your ordering appointment, with first payment paid. Payment plans must be set up on automatic payments with credit or debit cards. Products are not delivered to you, the client, until the final payment has been made, so keep this in mind when planning your session to give yourself plenty of time to pay off your total before you may need or want your products by.

How will you use my images?

When you hire Alexi Hubbell Photography to capture your intimate portraits, you are commissioning a work of art. While we retain the copyright, we don't share any images unless we have your written permission. That is your art and you have the final say on how it is used, viewed, and shared. At your ordering appointment you will have the opportunity to sign off on how you would like us to use your images, if at all, i.e., full image rights, images without face, specific images you select from your gallery, only share with potential clients at consultations or ordering appointments. Your privacy, comfort, and peace of mind is our top priority. While we love sharing images so potential clients can see our scope of work and show women that all types and styles are welcome, we do not expect it.

Can I have/buy the digital files?

We do offer digital file options.  That being said: we create art here. We are a quality boutique studio and as such our soul purpose is to create wall art and fine art albums for your home. We believe that if someone goes so far as to commission an intimate portrait session, with all the bells and whistles, that it only makes sense to see it through to a final material product.  We have expertise in framing, printing, sizing and displaying these pieces - this is part of our job. There are two likelihoods for the life of digital files: 1) they will sit on the computer, never to be seen again, and 2) they will be printed at discount stores that will alter the quality of the images, ruining the art we worked so hard to create. These discount printers can not offer the products we offer or our level of quality, care, and sensitivity to privacy. Digital files can be purchased on a glass USB and box set. For any prints and products you order through Alexi Hubbell Photography, a small, web-sized version of that image will be sent to you. These files are not for printing.