Who Is Alexi?

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I am an advocate, a leader, a doer, a dreamer, a fighter, and an empowered woman, to name a few...

  • I aim to create self confidence and self-love through my intimate portraiture.
  • I use the boudoir process to cultivate a compassionate self image.
  • I believe in empowerment through body-positivity. 

I have fought my own demons with negative body image and lack of compassion toward myself. Once I found my true calling in boudoir photography, I was able to finally love myself through helping other women to do the same and, in turn, I was able to achieve even greater success in guiding women toward a breakthrough in perception; to say, screw you to our insecurities.  

It is my sincere honor to have so many women from so many walks of life trust in me to capture their true essence on camera. I hope you will allow me to do the same for you.

Cheers, my dears!



We serve the Durango, Colorado area and all of the Southwest United States